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In 2014, I met up with a nice chap starting out publishing an online magazine for the fireplace & stove industry / trade.  I wanted to support him and placed an add for an issue and it interesting to see what it generated.  I also placed a small add in Country Living Magazine (an actual genuine paper printed pages etc !) alas with my mind occupied on matters closer to home I missed it all in 2015.


For those that like a read take a look through this

If you visit the website and look back through the archives there is lots of handy information on all things Fireplace – you may even come across my feature.

On the other hand if while at the dentist or GP’s and you find the December copy of Country Living 2014 – you will if you look really closely in the adds find my little add.  It surprises me that 12 months on I occasionally get a call from someone with a copy asking if I still do the fan things …. now just to ensure the these calls get he full deal, I have to leave the workshop and stand in the garden allowing the chickens to cluck around me providing the authentic country living rural business experience – whilst trying to decipher their requirements.  Which brings me nicely to this posts point:-

If you are unsure, don’t know or just interested – give me a call or drop me an email – details on the website  – now if I am running a machine leave a message – chances are I will pick up half way through when I have been able to both stop the machine safely and find the phone handset ! … if you leave your number be sure to make it clear – it can take me an age trying the various combinations of digits.

That’s all folks.

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