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The Skills Gap…

Over the last few years, I have come to regret my poor skills level, in terms of ‘building stuff’. Following the degree in Environmental Management which I studied in Manchester, and a career basically in engineering, purchasing & production management – I was at the end fully skilled in not much at all when it came to actually doing something.  I am not and never have been one to sit on my hands. .. well Ok so I used to fish for bream in Ireland and not striking required quite a bit of sitting on my hands awaiting the right time to lift into the fish and set the hook…  The point is , I watched skilled and sometimes not so skilled people do the tasks which I had requested. I picked up a lot (plenty of ‘bad habits) along the way and only now am I revisiting some of what I watched years ago and ;trying it myself’.  Youtube, and blogs have been an absolute joy – so much information for the taking / using. Many of the machine skills (and I use the term broadly as they relate to me) I have gained from the various YouTube Channels – Doubleboost, Oxtools, Shadon HK, R&R In the shop) to name a few – my subscriptions list is double figured and each weekly update these guys post has useful skills and knowledge passed on. It sure beets watching TV with the drivel that passes for entertainment these days.  I am on the look out for a Nikon SLR with HD video so That I may in due course add to the pool of knowledge out there. Maybe a DIY Stove Top Fan You Tube channel who knows ?

As relates to the product development – this weeks skill set will be aluminium welding … or brazing / soldering call it what you will – and it goes under many names on Youtube – basically using an alloy stick & lots of heat form a propane torch to bond two aluminium surface together.  Having spent 4 days machining the parts, I really don’t want to cock it up – I have watched countless videos and ordered the required safety gear (visor / goggles), gloves, fire bricks, brazing sticks (not cheep!) and thats the plan this week. Do my best o assemble the 25 parts which make up the new cooler section. Then machine the base & build up the unit (motor, teg & blade set).

If I can work out how I will try and capture some video or stills and add them to a post later this week.

If I cock it up … probably not !

The Landrover is due its annual investment in new parts – timing belt replacement, service, reversing sensors etc etc ….. I love the car but hate the bills. The three day garage vacation it is getting should force me to get on in the shop !



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