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Suppliers – some are just not that helpful at times

Well its the first day of November, production of the fan-c copper units is well underway and stock is … plentiful. Alas the same can not be said of the fan-ce its larger brother. Days after ordering up a batch of stock parts, the supplier announces that they are no longer stocking this unit and that I cleared their stock with my last order.. thank you very much for that order Look Creations. Now Ok, this can happen, but what cheeses me off is that the very same supplier did the same some months back with other parts I purchased. Fortunately, they did help me out in securing further stock for season from outside the UK – I asked at that time if they would please advise me as and when they felt a similar situation would arise with the other parts.. they forgot.

The next thing we do is scour the internet for parts – ind some – order some and then when nothing turns up chase up the order. Only to get an email advising me that the ‘automated system updated the listing with the incorrect price and we cant possibly supply the units at that price and if by the way you wanted to triple the order we can supply you but the price is 50% higher than you already paid … but we will throw in free next day delivery …’


So now we find that we have a single Fan-ce left in stock and a 30% (at least) price hike on the parts or we have to go ahead and order £10Ks worth of stock to get just a 20% price hike. Wonderful. One to sleep on that, with Space at a premium and cash is always tight at the start of the season oh and yes – notice the ‘warm’ october we have had not helped sales volume at all. I went out to split some logs for my Morso – I was breaking out in a sweat just carrying the axe to the log pile !

rant over… for now 😉
Hope you all had a good Halloween & wishing you a happy All Saints Day or what ever you say on the 1st of November.

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