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Progress…. of a sort !

As September draws to a close, the new website is all but ready, awaiting a final run through and couple of images – frustrating how getting the right product in use shot takes sooooooo long !


The new Product prototype has been set up and put to the test – initial impressions are good. Air movement is far higher than the Fan-Ce – mainly as a result of the blade set up. Still some work to do to get it market ready.

We took a stroll through YouTube this week and surpriseĀ  surprise several new videos uploaded on ‘How To.. & Buy my Stove Top Fan’ with lots looking similar to the Fan-Ce – flattering I guess – but I wonder how serious these ‘project are’ ?

We continue to scour the used market for Black cooler bodies and whilst the larger series Fan-Ce have been purchased and converted & most sold, the small units remain very similar to rocking horse teeth in terms of availability.

The sun is out, the solar PV is running and I have fire wood to cut, chop & stack and fan parts to make on the lathe.

I leave you with a sample of the product photo’s in a ‘warm look’





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