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Mid October – The Log Burner Season is well underway

It has been a busy few months getting my ‘ducks in a row’. There have been parts to order & ship in … with all the usual complications of customs, couriers and poor service from some suppliers – but then some of my suppliers have been fantastic. There has been hundreds of hours so far making the bespoke parts, getting the materials to do the job, tweaking specifications to reduce risks of rejects and improve repeatability of my own process. Sorting out packaging so that it is to hand and effective whilst being mindful of the down sides of excessive packaging.
A brief foray into the art / science of electroplating – expensive lessons I hope have been learnt and we will have to re-visit the exercise as the Black Nickel coated batch is all but sold.
Sadly some 10 units were assembled and then found to be lacking with some areas of partial coverage – they are fine if you don’t look too hard – but now this are sat in a big box marked REJECTS ! Meanwhile, we have secured a long term future for the laser cut parts with a local firm – the first batch has been great – no deburring required and thankfully no protective film to remove – if only the same could be said for the last batch of copper squares – 500 little slivers of plastic film to scrape off. More frustrating was the fact the supplier agreed o supply with no film.

we have anew Trade Account establishing, The Efficiency People Trading Ltd – based out of Manchester – offering all manner of products with a healthy stove accessories business. after many months of continually chasing me, I have agreed a trade price which should work for both parties – in return for my supplying, Look creations can now offer a discount code for their website – which provides each order with a 5% discount and a small finders fee back to Look Creations. It remains to be seen what level of orders for fans the business will generate through its larger more sophisticated and better advertised website

Tomorrow we hope to see the arrival of a pallet of parts – now 4 weeks late, I had no idea it took that long to ship a pallet from the Netherlands to the UK. Maybe next time I will rent a trailer and collect !

Great to hear some feedback from happy clients – the last one traveled down to the area from Perth and called in to see/buy a Fan-C.

On a side note – I seam to have got myself into Fly Fishing for Trout on the local fishery. 3 trips and each time I had trout for tea afterwards & now I have aquired a fly tying vice and bag of feathers to convert – should be fun learning a new ‘hobby’.

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