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And so onto November 2014…

I sit typing as the rain hammers down outside – but its still quite mild out. Sales across the board are in line with last year which is re-assuring given the countless boxes off parts currently in storage around the place. Thoughts turning to advertising & ‘marketing’ again …. previous years we have used Addwords through Google etc – and to be honest was not that impressed – no significant level of orders as far as I could tell came as a direct result. Something more targeted is required.
It is not to say that the Google addwords system does not allow targeting – it does – and its pretty good. But the thing is if you are a bit rubbish at the whole on-line searching then maybe you don’t shop on line ! Clearly a chunk of clients prefer to buy the product through the likes of Amazon – so much so that sales at a price well in excess of those on our own website  have been made through the trade.

So we turn to the more traditional approach – glossy magazine on the coffee tables up and down the country … NOT CHEEP ! crikey …. well that’s the budget gone in one hit. If I could work out how to attach a pdf of the new ADD I would cleverly attach it here., thus making the Blog a little more interesting. Looks like I have to go search the web to find out how now.

The add, should run for 125k copies published 2 weeks ahead of Christmas – apparently lots of people (70%+ readership) labelled as A, AB & B, etc read it … what ever that means 🙂

Fingers crossed it produces the results required – otherwise its Christmas Turkey eaten off of the stock in boxes around the place !


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