March 2016

Progress – The Smallest Stove Top Fan …

The third prototype is looking very promising. Still a few more refinements to add – but its looking good .. if you like aluminium !

You Tube Video of earlier version – Low Profile Stove Top Fan

Taking a break from the development while I resolve a few other workshop issues – one of which is determining what to get for a video camera to improve on the dreadful quality of video produced by my now 6 year old HTC Desire. Very tired and if I am honest unreliable at best. Cant quite scrape the funds together for an upgrade – it seams a ‘newer phone’ comes complete with 4G – which is pretty useless around the High Peak when you are lucky to get 3G reception and most of the time I get no signal at all.  So the obvious choice is to go for a DSLR Nikon so that I can make use of the F mount lenses I have fro my D3 and the fact I can take a photo … when inspired – I could do with a used one in good order as I see little advantage in a new one.

Meanwhile, I am in the process of rebuilding a Capstan Lathe attachment for my Boxford AUD lathe so that when I am ready to roll out production I can make the fan hubs repeatably and at a workable price.  3 weeks past, I approached a firm to request a quote for small batch production of the fan blades – I even sent CAD drawings and had a chat on the phone – seams they are not interested – having not even had the good manners to reply with a thanks but no thanks.  Is it any wonder UK manufacturing is suffering.

No posts for a week or so as I have a tough few days ahead and then some seriously larger bills which will require settlement – I have to research the used organ market and see what the going rates are !


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