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2016 – January … The lost year of 2015

First Off – Happy New Year – If you are reading this either you have very odd internet search interests or you have purchased a Stove Top Fan or are about to or have been given one …

To all those clients that have come before – thank you very much for your support of my little business, to all those clients looking for updates – sorry – please read below & accept that I promise to try and do better this year. To all the rest of you – I hope you enjoy the BLOG, I will try and make it a lot more stove relevant this year.


So what happened to 2015 ?

Well my business carried on while a major aspect of my private life went down the drain. In short almost a year to this day  my former partner of some 15 years turns up at the door and announces her intentions for the future as relates to her and our children – a week after her bombshell, I get a solicitors letter and confirmation that an application to the family court has been made by her.  I am unable to comment further as such matters are not in the childrens best interests and will be used in court against me – suffice to say that several £1,000’s later and after numerous court appearances the matter still remains unresolved and at present I still get to be full time dad every other week.

The net result of the above is a series of missed deadlines for development and a huge amount of worry not to mention the complete destruction of the financial buffer I had built up over the last 10 years. I am bitter about it, I continue to be frustrated about it and am fully aware that neither will do me or the situation any good.

Are there any plus points – well sure, my partner has been an absolute rock and despite the plans we had having to be paused she remains solid with me, our friends have been and continue to be very understanding and accepting things cannot be explained or discussed.  The entire mess has focused my attention ever more on my kids lives and how I can be as good a dad to them as I can making me relish every possible minute I share with them and making positive memories.

Hopefully come mid March the court matters will be concluded and the outcome proven to be in the children s’ best interests….. it remains scary prospect that someone unknown to me or the kids will decide the matter and no matter my view on it I have to go along with it – I would not wish the associated trauma on any parent.

I am now back at the drawing board working on the new product .. well new in so much as its not off the drawing board yet which is where it has been hanging around for 24 months !  The plan is to get a working prototype up and running by March – the clock is ticking and I keep breaking the pencil lead whilst the cat sits on the board hindering the parallel motions action !

2015 has had some super times – more valuable for break they gave from stress of time, my daughters 1st trout on a traditional wet fly from a highland loch, my lads first rainbow from our club water here in Derbyshire  Errwood Fly Fishing Club:- Seeing the kids after school for a few days before xmas and they traveled to France  – I made the effort this year complete with hat & white bearded outfit from the kids… .

GAIRLOCH SUMMER 2015 674 Nat Trout 10269372_1123084957716079_8830315904776309941_n

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