April 2014

April … well nearly May for that matter

Its seams the weather is set for improving and less stoves are being used as orders begin to tail off for another summer. The last of the Special Edition Black chrome Fans have sold as we continue to search the global market for available parts to convert.
Progress in the workshop continues and new tooling and jigs are being developed to improve the quality of the Stove Top Fan and create a little more space for production batches as these increase in size and frequency.

Interesting development on the coating front – with a little more time available for development we may invest in a DIY nickel coating system to determine if this might provide a supply solution for the special edition series whilst stocks are sought. If trials prove successful it would be a nice little project to contract out to a chemistry student looking for some summer work ! From a personal point, I don’t much fancy undertaking the coating process in house – I never enjoyed chemistry at school and never grasped the principles once the electrons, equations and chalk on the black board took over from the bunson burner and test tubes and drawing diagrams of the experiment. Despite repeated attempts to locate and get interest from an established coatings firm – none seam interested – small volumes, difficult product etc etc – which doesn’t look good for the DIY trials !

More soon.

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Spring 2014

Having had some issues with the LOG IN – I am sorry to say that the site and this blog have been left for quite some time. I now see lambs in the fields above the workshop and the apple trees are budding – I love spring.
Hope to add some new images and updates on product development over the next few weeks, meanwhile we have stock of the Fan-C copper versions and Black Fan-Ce but no Black Fan-C. Copper Fan-Ce under production.
Time for lunch and then back to the workshop.

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