January 2014

2014 – Happy New Year

Slightly blurry eyes looking around the workshop after the festive break. Lots of product assembly underway and parts arriving in dribs and drabs as our postal and courier system get back on line after a break for the new year.
We have received a lot of 10 black Fan_c coolers to build up and half are pre-ordered as i type – the good news is that leaves 5 free … well not free but ‘available’ ! Following some helpful feedback from a client that undertook some of his own development work we are now searching for a supply of 75mm copper disks to offer for stove tops which are less than flat – most cast stoves have some distortion – even my Morso Squirrel ! This gives rise to point contact on the Fan-C base – effectively reducing the heat throughput from the stove top. So if the stove is partially enclosed and the air temperature above is elevated … (which lets face it is why we use a fan in the first place) the fan speed is at best low. Inserting a copper disk below the base on top of the stove does two things:-
It creates a better flat surface for greater heat transfer and being copper conducts the heat through any point contacts better than aluminium.

Once we have a supply ongoing, we hope to undertake some tests and report on the improvements. Initial tests with aluminium disks look good so copper should be better.

Wishing all who read these entries a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2014.


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