December 2013

New Additions to the Website – under development … so to speek

Decembers here – OMG as the youths text !

Just about on top of production – stocks of components running low including many of those made here – so looks like a busy week ahead to avoid any further lengthy delays. Another order just pinged in so back to packing again….

Whilst taking a well earned tea break around late morning the thought occurred that I should really add some useful tips, hints and other stuff to the website – then my thoughts moved to the things which most websites now have … you know the little notices that flash up as you enter the site …

“This site uses cookies, to view our policy please click here…” kind of thing.

So I thought – I bet this is some sort of EC legislation related response – so am now looking to see how we can add our own set of similar along the lines of :-….

“This site uses cookies ……………… mostly with a hot mug of tea for dunking”

Then amused at my own wit – I moved onto the more serious issues of health warnings:-

“This product may contain traces of Nuts…. screws for sure and on occasion a pair of nuts on bolts ”

Interesting to note the comments on some on line forums where having discovered the Stove Top Fan-C range, comments related to the inherent danger of spinning fan blades scything digits from very small childs’ hands cropped up. It was quite some time before I was able to post a reply that as the blade is ‘pushing air’ and the gap between the blades is so small – it would be pretty near impossible to get a finger in there – aside from which at full speed the hazard presented is minimal – unlike the burning hot stove upon which the fan is sat which to a child represents a far more serious hazard……. the mind boggles.

Not long after the tea break a former colleague arrived to ‘catch up’ – we discussed the product prototypes I have been developing – always good to get a fresh pair of eyes and alternative insight – within minutes we were developing a ‘turbo’ powered unit with venturi feeds and the prospects were endless….. clearly the tea had been too strong ! we parted by lunchtime and I set about the usual rush of postal run, return, process orders and start wrapping and packing again….

If you do have a very small gap over your stove – like 100mm or 4″ in old money – then keep looking at the blog – if I get a couple of hours spare to complete the next prototype I will post a picture – it should prove interesting with the ‘turbo’ !

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