November 2013

Novembers Arrived & Almost Gone & Now Snow in the Forecast !

The last couple of weeks have to have been the most frustrating. Some great weather outside, trees changing colour, loads going on and I’m busy in the workshop making parts for a full order book. All set for the due date for the last parts due in …. and thats when it all slowed to a halt.
Now I find that things like ‘on-line parcel tracking’ are .. shall I say OK ? At best you get to know where the package was when it last went through a ‘check point’ – in the case in hand – all the key checkpoints over the pond re there in black and white – then once it arrived this side of the pond….’awaiting customs clearance’ …. for a few days ….and a few more …… a week goes by, then its 2nd weekend – meanwhile orders here are backed up and the workshop is full of part assembled fans. Finally after 10 days – parcel now cleared customs …… 3 days later – Parcel now held awaiting payment of duty .. addressee to be notified. At this point I lost the plot and rang the Parcel Force Office which handled the delivery last time… three weeks before.

Nice chap on the phone – searched the ‘system’, then the ‘other system’ found the reference details (which are due to me in the next few days or so….) – offered that I pay the duty due over the phone and then advised me the package would be delivered next morning – which I have no doubt as thats what always happens within 24hrs of my paying the import duty.

Rant over – well almost – surely there must be a way that goods imported can be Duty Paid in advance – its not as if the value isn’t known before hand – or is the operation so under manned that it takes that long to sort the parcels ?

So to all my clients awaiting Fan-C & Fan-Ce ordered between 9th November – 19th Nov – I am doing my best – I can only hope that the following call off of TEG’s arrives as planned – next week – that I suspect will be the last shipment ahead of 25th Dec’

The long range forecast (i.e. three days) includes snow flurries and freezing weather. Hardly a surprise given its near the end of November – still my log pile is far from dry and I have a ruck load of logs to cut & split & stack – something I usually have completed by the end of October.

Busy week or so ahead I feel.

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