January 2013

Jan 2013
Well its getting near to the anniversary of the first trials of my DIY Ecofan (which yes I know is a registered trademark of the nice chaps in Canada full marks for that) – but at the time of my trials I had no idea I would be going into production.

The festive season at the end of 2012 was busy with orders still arriving on the 25th & 26 and over the New Year.

As things stand I am up to date with all orders, but painfully low on stock of the Fan-C, awaiting new supplies next week.

Meanwhile, new supplies of our little drive unit have …shall we say disappointed: supplied without tapped holes as can be seen in the image below. Whats more is the holes are too large to be tapped out and the case metal too thin to up a size. I am now awaiting news from the supplier to see if he can exchange for the correct units.


As I type, the snow is frozen outside and the workshop a little below freezing point 🙂 I notice the hens snigger everytime I walk past wrapped up for assembly whilst they sit snug in feather coats !

Website hits continue to roll on with the weekends being most productive, small dips on evenings when the BBC run something new and interesting for a change.

More to follow when I hear from the motor supplier.

Happy New Year, hope you have a good 2013 and thanks for reading this Blog – please leave some comments 🙂

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