August 2012

August Already !

This was my deadline for getting stock together in time for the September ‘rush’ or autumnal season when I believe order volumes will increase… well the date by which I had to decide if I was going to invest in the parts and materials to make the stock.

Never one to shy away from an ‘acceptable’  risk where I believe there will be a suitable return, I have pumped cash into the business and placed orders sufficient to meet my expected demand.  Ok so not exactly scientific in approach for forecasting etc. But a considered approach all the same.
Worst case scenario – I am left with stock which may take some time to sell – but even at current levels this will only be 6 months – surely clients will buy more in the winter than the summer months ?

The ‘Add’ campaign has been extended in duration and reach – now covering most of northern Europe – I figure if I can reach Australia via the Navitron (see earlier posts) site then Norway, Denmark, etc should be pretty simple.

Started sending out inquiries for some specialist coating to determine the options for a ‘bespoke service’ – to develop a specific range for Trade not available on-line. In such way I hope that retail outlets will then set their own price in accordance with my Trade price to them and not shy away due to low margins competing with on line prices. Who knows ?

Managed to destroy my first TEG module whilst assembling a special fan – the fragile ceramic case cracked and whilst the unit still operated it was not right so the fan was taken apart and the unit replaced with a little less vigor when tightening the clamping screws. Frustrating given the component costs and wasted time. Lets hope its a lesson I remember 🙂

Am now on the lookout for some nice colored cherry for the central fan disks – the last batch has been used up / scrapped due to shake running through the sections.  Most of my remaining stock is still drying out and lacks the range of colors I like to see.  I have some pretty looking yew so may in fact try this as an alternative.

Must add some new images as the blog is looking a bit text and more text at present.

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